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The International Organization of Worldwide Higher Education (IOWHE) found since 1984. This organization established based on an idea that was released long years ago. IOWHE has been changed to Correspondence University type since 2001.

The IOWHE Consortium found a corporation with IOWHE University as an evaluation partner (since 2001) and scientific resources provider. One of the main reasons for the establishment of this consortium was a unification of the evaluation results and using their power in science resources.

Initially, the IOWHE consortium established based on the corporation with several American universities. All released degrees from this consortium have more credit than primary universities.
But now, more than 100 universities are a member of IOWHE Consortium and have relation with IOWHE University.

All released degrees from IOWHE University have more credit than other equivalent universities. because all evaluation process is independent of other universities with looking at the average result and do base on a common goal.‎

Furthermore, the IOWHE is looking for new educational ways in all items, based on Correspondence and Virtual University (under the web).
This complex is looking for establishing new universities also. This target is based on modern/classic educational system in all around the world.