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Legalization on 2017

Legal Documents Which Could be Attached to IOWHE Diplomas/Certificates in the US.


01- The Front Side of a Degree's Diploma (Alpha Level)

Diploma_Alpha Level





The Front Side of a Degree's Diploma (Beta Level)

Diploma_Beta Level





The Back Side of a Degree's Diploma

The Backside of Diplomas



The Certify from District of Colombia (Washington DC)

The DC Certify




The Foreign Affairs Ministry Office (Secretary of the US)






The Local Authentication in MENAWA

Local Embassy in DC and State




The US Apostille (based on Hague 5, October 1961 Convention)
>>> Which country is a member of Apostille Council and accept this diploma?

The Apostille issued by The US








. Note .


EOS (Extra Outside Services) will be doing based on applicant request. This is not a routine service and included in the evaluation process.
All attestation, legalization and translation services for a certificate are under
EOS category.

The time of doing EOS (taking above documents except for local authentication) is 2 till 3 months (approximately).
The cost of this process for ONLY
ONE certificate (from 25 of July 2013) is USD 2,850.00 + %25 Office Charge.
Obviously, for any number of certificates, should be added the necessary amount (number certificate X USD 2,650.00 + %25 Office Charge) to the total cost required for legalization process.

Local Embassy Attestation in Washington DC and Foreign Affairs Ministry in the same country has own fee between USD 1,300.00 to USD 1,400.00 in average.

Delivering certificate(s) is ONLY in IOWHE offices and ONLY to owner's certificate or who was register on the first day via the main applicant.


Old Legalization Format Sample (before 2017)