IOWHE International University (with the American core and structure) established based on correspondence education (distance education), and also few Vanguard methods for scientific evaluation as a distance university type.

In education part, the IOWHE's method is self-learning and home study via student with coordination via university which its most fundamental core is the book.

In evaluation part, IOWHE uses 2 methods for assessment. These methods created for investigation academic researchers
(REbD®) and professional experience gained from technical/professional activities (EEbD®).

REbD (Researches Evaluation becomes Degree) or University Degree based on Research Evaluation, helps you that you introduce your research to others from an academic and logical way. You can also get a college degree based on its.
EEbD (Experiences Evaluation becomes Degree) or University Degree based on Experience Evaluation, means analyze technical and scientific experience for taking a degree from IOWHE University. We know that for doing any work, required science or experience about that and this is clear matter.

We know the clear way in education is the elementary school, high school and then university in the hierarchical format. Graduated students have some skills in operation without enough experience in practical work.

In addition, you may see some persons who can operate and have a good result in work, without academic degrees. Usually, they make a new technical way to work for obtaining the best function and result. At this time a true evaluation about their background can provide a certificate/degree by IOWHE University.

IOWHE allow you to have these abilities with using of its complex and powerful structure. This university includes several universities, partners, and interfaces in most of the countries. It will be the first reason that you choose IOWHE University for taking a legalized degree.



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